Cenang Beach Town

A walk along the row of various stalls and shops at the busiest beach town in Langkawi.

Kuah Town


The major (or capital) town of Langkawi, Kuah is famous for its rows of duty free shops selling various imported products at tax free prices such as alcoholic beverages (liquors, beers, etc), confectionery (chocolates, cookies), tobacco and perfumes. It would be a good idea for one to go shop by shop to get the best offer for a product. Apart from duty free shops, there are banks, restaurants, hotels as well as offices. The town center itself is small and can be easily covered via a walk within half a day. During weekends, there will be a night market starting in the late evening.







Langkawi Isle: The Oriental Village

Langkawi Oriental Village is located at the same area with the base station of the famous Langkawi Cable Car. The Asian architecture village is surrounded by mountains and scenery of the Langkawi Geopark. The village houses a number of shops selling crafts and cultural items, several restaurants, as well as a resort. A man-made lake was built at the center of the village with bridges built across it.

Langkawi Isle: Kuah Town

Kuah is the main town in Langkawi. It is basically a shopping center populated by various duty-free shops, seafood restaurants, banks and hotels. TheĀ  town was once a fishing village before its development. The name “Kuah” is a Malay word meaning “gravy” and is associated with an ancient legend of two battling giants who overturned a gigantic pot of curry at the spot where the town now stands (refer Lagenda Park II).