The Langkawi’s Giant Eagle Sculpture

The sight of the giant eagle sculpture greets visitors who arrive at the island by ferry or boat. Langkawi can be reached via the sea route from Penang, Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis ports.

Kuah Town


The major (or capital) town of Langkawi, Kuah is famous for its rows of duty free shops selling various imported products at tax free prices such as alcoholic beverages (liquors, beers, etc), confectionery (chocolates, cookies), tobacco and perfumes. It would be a good idea for one to go shop by shop to get the best offer for a product. Apart from duty free shops, there are banks, restaurants, hotels as well as offices. The town center itself is small and can be easily covered via a walk within half a day. During weekends, there will be a night market starting in the late evening.