Langkawi: Scenes from Dayang Bunting Island

The scenic and tranquil Dayang Bunting Island and its mythical lake. Known as Pulau Dayang Bunting (or Pregnant Maiden Island), the island near the south of Langkawi, is well known for its pristine freshwater lake at the center of the island, surrounded by lush hills. The lake is also known as Lake Guillemard and has a local legend involving a tale of a princess.

Langkawi Isle: Island of the Pregnant Maiden

The largest island of Langkawi archipelago, the Island of the Pregnant Maiden (in Malay, “Pulau Dayang Bunting”) is located not far from the main island is is famous for its hidden fresh water lake which is in the middle of the island. The lake itself provides a lush serene waterscape surrounded by the hills of the island.

The outline of the island resembles a shape of a pregnant woman lying face up.

Legend has it that a man named Mat Teja had met Mambang Sari, a fairy princess, at the lake and had fallen in love with her. With the advices from a wise old man, Mat Teja finally managed to win the heart of Mambang Sari and they were later living happily on earth. Mambang Sari then bore Mat Teja a son. However, their happiness ended when their child died a short while later. Saddened with the death, Mambang Sari decided to lay her child to rest in peace into the waters of the lake. At the same time, she blessed all the childless and infertile women to be conceivable after bathing themselves in the lake. Henceforth, it wa said that any woman unable to bear a child will be able to do so after bathing in the waters of the lake.

Floating platforms on the lake for people to take a swim.

Wooden platforms built along the shores of the lake for those who like to take a stroll of the beautiful surroundings.

It takes around 15 minutes from Kuah jetty at Langkawi to get to the island.