The Crocodile Adventureland (Langkawi Crocodile Farm)

The Crocodile Adventureland (formerly known as Langkawi Crocodile Farm / Taman Buaya) located at the Teluk Datai area is designed to house different species of crocodiles of various sizes and ages. The park includes feeding shows, performance by the park keepers and visitor interaction with selected crocodiles. The park also provides informative and sometimes interactive details about crocodiles to visitors.

The park is located about 30km from Kuah Town and on the main road towards the Datai coast.

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak (or loosely translated as ‘Skull Sandy Beach’) is a rather secluded beach along the northern coast of Langkawi island. The beach faces the southern part of the Thai region and on a clear day, Thailand’s Ko Tarutao island is visible. The beach is located not far from the Crocodile Farm at the Datai area.

According to one of the local legends, the island of Ko Tarutao used to have a prison and prisoners who escaped from the prison would try to swim across the sea to reach Langkawi but they were usually killed by sharks roaming in the sea during that time. Most of their skeletal remains were then swept to the shore of this beach, and hence its name.

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Makam Mahsuri (The Tomb of Mahsuri)


Mahsuri was a famous female figure in the local folklore of Langkawi. According to the legend, Mahsuri was wrongly accused of having adultery while her husband was away at war. Well known for being the most beautiful maiden in the island, she was a victim of jealousy of the island village chief’s wife, who started false rumor about Mahsuri. As the rumor grew stronger, Mahsuri was later caught by the villagers and condemned to death by stabbing. It was said that when she was stabbed, her blood was in white, signifying her innocence. Mahsuri then cursed Langkawi to be afflicted with bad luck for seven generations. After that, Langkawi lost a war with the Siam army and subsequently had been unable to prosper.

Locals believed this legend as apparently, after the 7th generation came to pass, Langkawi’s economy revived again due to a boon from tourism. This tomb is part of the main tourist attractions of Langkawi. Once a small and simple tomb, now the area surrounding the tomb was developed to include a mini traditional Malay village, along with a museum on the history of Mahsuri and various traditional food and items stalls.

Makam Mahsuri is located in Kampung Mawat, which is approximately 12km away from Kuah town and 17km away from the airport (with signage showing the direction to the tomb along the road). It opens 8am to 6pm every day. For more info, do visit the website: